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Convert2MP3 YouTube to MP3 converter enables you to download videos from YouTube or other video sites to MP3 with just one click.
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How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Step 1. Find video on YouTube

Before you use Convert2MP3, you need to find a YouTube video you want to download.

Step 2. Paste YouTube Video URL

Copy the YouTube video URL, go to, choose "Video to MP3" section, then pass the copied URL in the "URL" field. Select audio format in MP3. Then click "Convert Now". The download audio information will be displayed in few seconds.

Step 3. Download YouTube online

Click the "Download" button to download the MP3 file for free. You can choose also desktop way to download YouTube video to MP3 with high qualtiy.

Why Choose Convert2MP3 YouTube to MP3 Converter

One-Click Download

Convert YouTube videos to MP3 and other popular audio files in one click.

Super Fast Speed

Download audio from YouTube with lightning speed, 3x faster than any other downloader.

All Popular Formats

Convert YouTube videos to all kinds of popular audio fromats, such as MP3, WMV, M4A, OGG, and more.

Easy and Free

Convert2MP3 Online YouTube Converter is an easy-to-use audio downloader, and it's 100% free.

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Tips and Tracks about Online YouTube to MP3 Converter

1. Why Do You Need an Online YouTube to MP3 Downloader?

Converting YouTube to MP3 online is necessity in our daily life. When you're about to go to travel, or go to somewhere you can't connect to WiFi, you'll want to save several music in your mobile device for an enjoyment. At this moment, an YouTube to mp3 converter online is a must-have.

2. Is YouTube MP3 converter Free and Safe to Use?

There're many online YouTube to MP3 converts available in the market, but which one to choose is always a hot topic among the music fans. Of course, most of the online YouTube MP3 converters are free and safe to use, but ther're few online YouTube to MP3 converters that have malware or virus, which may cause damage to your computer or leak your privacy. Please remember that if a claimed online YouTube to MP3 converter asks you to enter your bank account or credit card number, make sure you know whether it's reasonable charge.

3. Which Formats Are Supported by Convert2MP3 YouTube to MP3 Converter?

Convert2MP3 Online YouTube MP3 Converter not only supports MP3 format, but also these formats such as OGG, WMV, 3GP, FLAC, M4A, WAV, WMA, etc.

About Convert2MP3

Convert2MP3 is one of the earliest and best online video converters and downloaders. It is 100% free and fast to download videos from many vides sites and convert YouTube to MP3 just with one click.
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